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Creating a Glog!

Here are the basics:

1. Navigate to Glogster:

2. Register (remember: Acceptable Use!!!)

3. Click to "Create a new Glog"

4. Use the black "magnet tool" to add background ("wall"), text, graphics,     images, etc.

5. Follow on-screen instructions to create and edit your Glog

6. Click "Preview" to check if your Glog is how you want it (and if it meets any requirements your teacher may have for this assignment)

7. Click "Save and Publish" to finalize your Glog (it is possible to go back in and edit a published Glog)

8. Copy the link to your Glog and give it or email it to your teacher

**Want more info on Glogster? Check out this awesome resource with tutorials, videos and examples!  

Here are some example glogs that have been designed for wiki pages:

New World Settlements and Explorers


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