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Welcome to Trading Card Maker!

It is recommended to use the tabbed browser, so you can have the following instructions open at the same time as the trading card site.

  •  Search for the photo you want to use.  It must be a photo you took yourself, or one with a Creative Commons or Attribute License.  (Ask about this if you have no idea what this means!)
  • The photo must be saved to My Pictures on your H drive.
  • Go to the Trading Card link.
  • Browse your H drive/My Pictures for the photo you want to use.
  • Select how your picture would best be cropped if needed.
  • Select the background color for your card. (You’ll be able to come back and change it later if you don’t like it.)
  • Type a title for your card.
  • Type a subtitle for your card.  (Notice the sample card for where title and subtitle will be placed)
  • Type a description for your card.  You are somewhat limited for space—if you type too much, you may have to go back and edit. Include a citation for your info and your picture at the end of the description.
  • Choose an icon of you wish by clicking the blank icons.
  • Click create!
  • After creating, you’ll have the option to go back and edit by clicking Edit Card—Double check your spelling and info BEFORE you save it!
  • When spelling and info is how you want it, click Save.
  • A dialog window will pop up—click save again.
  • A save window will open.  Be sure it is open to My Pictures.  Rename the picture to make it easy to find and Save.
  • TO PRINT:  Follow the directions your teacher gives you--perhaps inserting and resizing your images in a word document--or use the following directions to print from Windows Picture Manager:
  • Go to My Pictures on your H drive.
  • Double click the card you just saved.  This will open the card in Windows Picture Manager.
  • Click file, then print. 
  • From the Photo Printing Wizard window, click next.
  • Select the Library Color printer.  Click next.
  • Print full page will be highlighted—leave it that way.  Click next.  Click finish.
  • Pick up your print from the color printer!


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