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Welcome to Wordle!

1.  Decide upon the text you'd like to create a word cloud from.

2.  Copy the text and go to the Wordle site:

3.  Click "Create" from the home page.

4.  Paste your text into the box provided, and click "Go".

5.  Your wordle will be created!  From here, you can adjust the color, font, and aspect of your wordle. Play around with it!  Have fun!

More Wordle info:

  • Wordles can be printed or saved as screenshots.
  • The larger the word in a wordle, the more often it was present in the text.  This can be used to clearly see themes and ideas present in a text to compare two or more texts, or to use as a revision tool.
  • If copying text from the internet, be sure to provide the citation.
  • If copying text from the internet, it is handy to use the tab function of Internet Explorer--have your text site open, and Wordle open on another tab.  This is especially handy for Wordle-ing more than one text.

Here is a link to a Wordle of the text on this page: How to Wordle


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