Mount Garfield Middle School
The Mt. Garfield Middle School Staff



Janelle Gustafson

Reece MacDonald

Behavior Therapist

Shannon Perez


Office Support

Kara Lovato - Attendance Secretary

Nicole Pinnt - Health Assistant

Lori Thompson - Secretary to Principal


Team 6-1

Mona Hexom - Social Studies

Emilee Castleton- Math

Rebekah Diedrich - Science

Amelia Swetnam- Literacy

Team 6-2

Karla Burns - Literacy

Renee Hodges - Science

Paula Cooper - Social Studies

 Lacy Behl - Math

Team 7-1

Mark Gomez - Social Studies

David Hamilton - Science

Lisa Rauch- Literacy

Pete Robinson - Math

Team 7-2

Kim Doyle - Literacy 

Kate Hinkle - Science

Lonnie Hughes - Social Studies

Brandon Mohr - Math


Team 8-1

Stephanie Bernstein- Social Studies

Rachel Brown - Literacy

Ed Eichler - Math

 Jordan Tavenner - Science

Team 8-2

Ginger DeCavitch - Social Studies

Alanna Piccillo - Science

Marty Shelp - Math

Cassandra Walker - Literacy

Honors & GT

Jane White - Honors Math

  Stefanie Suppes-Goodsell - GT Support

Library - Media Center

 Teresa Walker-Weinberg - Librarian

English Language Learner (ELL)

Irina Adams - ELL Teacher


Athletic Director

Brandon Mohr


Special Education Teachers and Interventionists

Gina Palmer - Resource

Rachel K. Smith - Resource

Jenna Schellinger - Resource

Rachel M. Smith - S.N.B. Teacher

- S.S.N. Teacher

Kathy Brumbaugh - Math Intervention

Lori Schultz - Literacy Intervention

 Stefanie Morgan - Literacy Intervention

Katelyn Collins - Psychologist

Kember Langner - Speech/Language


Exploratory Classes

Denise Wright - Art Education

Scott Davis - Band

Eve Edmiston - Physical Education

Dara Fubler - Vocal Music

Troy Raper - Orchestra

Clayton Kame - Physical Education

Lonnie Tate - Technology

Larry White - Technical Education - Google Site

Instructional Assistants

Laura Elder- SSN

Dixie Sargent - SSN

Jonathan Strasser- SSN

 Pearl Lopez- SNB

Dawn Dillon- Band



Michael Barone - Night

Steve Caster - Day

Brandon Donathon - Night

Tyler Wedel- Night


Food Service

Shari Slone - Manager

Rhonda Fallon

Shiloh Fox

Linda Johnson

Tammy Werner





School District 51
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